Guard rf 311a схема vки

Rebuilt in 1980 as KA-6D. To AMARC as 5A0054 Nov 28, 1990 151570 was with VA-75. Made emergency barricade landing on USS Saratoga (CV-60) when off the coast of Vietnam in 1972. 151573 (A-6E) to MASDC as 5A0014 Dec 19, 1978, returned to service. Listed as written off and scrapped. 151859 (MSN 6053) to MASDC as 7H0039 Sep 16, 1976. Returned to service. 151860 (MSN 6054) to MASDC as 7H0051 Feb 14, 1977, returned to service. Back to AMARC as 5A0159 Jul 6, 1995. SOC Mar 16, 1999. 151565 sunk for use as artificial reef 151568 delivered May 1964 as A-6A. Modified by Grumman in 1977 as a test-bed for the Circulation Control Wing. Back to MASDC as 7H0144 Aug 24, 1983. To civil registry as N121FC with US Forest Service.

Stripped Jun 1990 by LAC Greenville SC for EP-3E Aries II ptogram. 150503 (MSN 185-5029) converted to EP-3E Deepwell. Pilot was rescued by Navy helicopter. 150879 (VF-162) shot down MiG-17 with AIM-9 over Vietnam Dec 14, 1967, flown by Lt. Richard E. Wyman. Left jet engine was seen to be on fire, followed by the left wing being engulfed in flame.

Both crew POW. RAN killed by his captors. 151627 (RVAH-13) shot down by AAA Mar 9, 1967 15 mi NE of Than Hoa City, Than Hoa Province, North Vietnam. RAN was rescued by helicopter. Expended in missile test Nov 18, 1994. 150433 (VF-92, USS Enterprise) destroyed in non-combat accident Jun 2, 1968, South China Sea. Crashed while landing at MCAS Cherry Point, North Carolina Sep 21, 1995. 150493 (MSN 281) temporarily loaned to USAF as 62-12172, returned. Back to AMARC as 5A0144 Jan 13, 1995 151812 (A-6E) to AMARC as 5A0107 Jul 13, 1994 151816 (VA-65) hit AAA while attacking Hoi Thuong Barracs, North Vietnam and crashed at sea Jun 25, 1966. Both crew ejected.

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