Порш каррера схема

порш каррера схема
Всё это позволило сделать автомобиль примерно на 100 кг легче, чем 911 S. Для попадания в Группу 4 (англ.) должно было быть построено и, конечно, продано 500 автомобилей, что казалось маловероятным в тот момент времени. This car has been done by one of the premiere Porsche experts in the country and maintained by some of the top shops in Southern California. Fear not, though; after taking you through the equally complicated BMW and Mercedes line-ups, we’ve put together another idiot’s guide to make sense of the Porsche madness. Отдав за всё это некоторую сумму денег, с тех пор меняю только расходники на ТО, доливаю масло в двигатель, бензин в бак и омывайку в бачок 🙂 Да, правда было дело — попал в небольшое ДТП, сколько заплатил за ремонт — это отдельная песня. One number for each order You have to go back to the year 1931 to understand the beginnings of the in-house numbering method.

Learn More Tags Backdate/ Porsche Outlaw/ Porsche RSR Related. The glass is all original and equally nice, with only slight pitting in the windshield. The V-10’s massive power (more than 600 brake horsepower and 442 foot-pounds of torque) was delivered via a rear-mounted six-speed transaxle with limited slip. How can a car be called a 911 and a 991 at the same time? Is that a Boxster there or a 987? Or is it a 981? And what do the 4, the S or the Executive stand for on the current models? Everything was tweaked and improved, though, so it’s no surprise that the 997 became the most successful car in the Porsche 911’s history. Devised and financed entirely by Porsche China, the scheme replicates those held in Europe where 19 of the Juniors have so far made the grade as professional drivers, including Porsche works driver and former two-time Porsche Carrera Cup Asia champion, Earl Bamber.

Here, Porsche kept the internal part number of 90x, but sold the car with a name, like Porsche enthusiasts continue to refer to these cars by their three digit design numbers. Спрос был столь велик, что Porsche был вынужден выпустить дополнительные серии. The original instruments are clean and fully functional.

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